The New Ekogrip XL

The Highly Anticipated XL Size Ekogrips Heat Resistant Gloves Are Here!

New Gloves Designed To Satisfy Customers With Larger Hand Sizes

We wanted to announce that we will be expanding Amazon’s bestselling “Ekogrips” grilling and cooking gloves to include an “XL” size. The release date of the highly anticipated XL heat resistant gloves is scheduled for the beginning of August 2014. Currently, the Amazon based bestseller is offered in a “one-size-fits-most” design which has been in a #1 spot for most of the summer. The XL size is offered at no extra cost to the customer.

Ekogrips owner, Zach Greenfield, stated, “We have had an overwhelming number of BBQ fanatics, chefs, weekend warriors, and more customers with oversized hands requesting larger sizes, and well, we run our business based on customer’s demands.” Zach reports the new XL size Ekogrips will also run farther up the wrist and are considerably larger in size than the original Ekogrips, but will be the same thickness, dexterity, and insulation of the original Ekogrips. The XL sized Ekogrips, in addition to the regular sized Ekogrips, will also arrive in a new eco-friendly box, which Zach calls “part of the whole customer experience.”

Since the release of the Ekogrips in early 2014, Jolly Green Products has attributed their Amazon success to their self-proclaimed “love” of taking care of their customers. Zach Greenfield shared, “I’m from a small farm town where you really rely on the mom-and-pop shops in the area, we really try to retain that feeling of genuineness and integrity by taking care of our customers from start to finish,” Zach continued, “The internet can be a scary place to buy products sight-unseen and relying on a picture or description, that’s where we come in, if you aren’t satisfied, we stand behind our products and find you a solution , or give you your money back, simple as that.”

About Jolly Green Products

Jolly Green Products provides innovative, and eco-friendly kitchen products all backed by a lifetime warranty and exceptional, personal customer service. The company’s flagship product are the Silicone Grill Gloves.

Bestselling Grill Gloves, Ekogrips, Announces Launch Of New, Entertaining Videos Coming In April

Zach Greenfield, Former Host and Actor, Announces Newly Releasing Videos Demonstrating The Wide Array Of Uses For The Ekogrips Silicone Grill Gloves.

Jolly Green Products owner, Zach Greenfield, has announced the newly releasing series of fun, entertaining, and even extreme videos of the many uses of their newest product, the Ekogrips, which are ranked amongst the top selling cooking and grilling gloves in their class on Amazon. When asked about the videos, Zach Greenfield shared, “Buyers don’t just want to read an ad talking about what these particular gloves can do, they want to see them in action to believe it, and I don’t blame them, when I buy something on Amazon, I want confidence it’s going to perform like it says it will.” Zach continued, “We will be demonstrating the wide array of used for the Ekogrips, in addition to cool tips, and safety advice.” The Ekogrips’ owner will be hosting the videos, which are set to launch sometime early to mid April and will be available to view mainly on youtube. Jolly Green Products also plans to implement a “customer questions” video segment which will include the grill gloves being tested according to requests and comments by potential customers, or those who have already purchased the Ekogrips. Comments and questions can be posted on the Ekogrips Facebook page.

Ekogrips grilling and cooking silicon gloves

According to a recent survey, over 40% of online consumers prefer to see a product video prior to buying, and over 52% report more confidence with their purchase after seeing a video. Zach Greenfield shared, “Our number one priority is our customer’s satisfaction, having videos demonstrating the effectiveness of the Ekogrips is the best way to give our customers confidence in their purchase with us.”

Ekogrips Silicone Grill Gloves Modify Their Packaging To Be More Environmentally Conscious

The New Company’s Focus On Environmentally Friendly Products Continues With New, Resource Conserving Packaging For The Ekogrips

Jolly Green Products has announced that they will be modifying their current packaging for their flagship cooking and grill gloves, Ekogrips, to reflect a more environmentally conscious approach. This change comes only a couple of months after the successful launch of the Ekogrips on Amazon the beginning of this year. When asked why they are changing the packaging, owner of Jolly Green Products, Zach Greenfield, shared “There is a world-wide attitude growing toward being more conscious of the environment and conserving current resources; we are also on that path at Jolly Green Products.” According to the popular Amazon based company, the Ekogrips’ packaging has cut down considerably on plastic use and has also changed the labeling to reflect their narrowing focus toward becoming more eco-friendly. Even the gloves themselves are made of 100% recyclable silicone that is FDA-approved and safe for handling food.

According to the EPA, 32 million tons of plastic waste were generated in 2012, representing 12.7 percent of total MSW. For plastic packaging alone, the United States generated almost 14 million tons as containers and packaging in 2012. And of these amounts, only 9% were actually recycled. Zach Greenfield shared, “It is our ultimate goal to continue to find ways to improve on our packaging and ensure that we are lending to a more environmentally aware population in our world.” Zach continued, “As the number of consumers grow, waste amount grows, we want to ensure that we promote a healthy culture that is environmentally aware, even small actions, like recycling the Ekogrips’ packaging, can make a big difference.”

Jolly Green Products Set To Launch Ekogrips Silicone Heat-Resistant Cooking Gloves On Amazon

Readying the marketplace for the launch of their Ekogrips Silicone Heat-Resistant Cooking Gloves on, Jolly Green Products continues their focus on eco-friendly products.

Dedicated to providing the marketplace with eco-friendly kitchen items, Jolly Green Products, based in Moscow, Idaho is set to launch their flagship product on in mid-February of this year. The forward-focused company’s launch of the Ekogrips Silicone Heat-Resistant Cooking Gloves is already creating a buzz due to the product’s ability to allow consumers to safely grab food items on a BBQ grill, in an oven, or on a stove without the use of utensils. Bringing a new convenience and dexterity to cooking, the insulated gloves promise to make cutting corners while preparing a meal as easy, and quite literally, as “grabbing a bite.”

silicon gloves able to grip jarsZach Greenfield, Owner of Jolly Green Products said of the grilling gloves, “We couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve already received from consumers that anticipate the launch, we’ve gone the distance to test the product in all high-heat environments and we’re proud to say we have an exceptional product to offer.”

As to the name Ekogrips, Zach Greenfield explains, “We chose the name Ekogrips due to the eco-friendlieness of the silicone used, not only is it 100% pure and recyclable, it doesn’t react with food or liquids, nor does it offgas any fumes, making it safe for use around food.”

Backed by a lifetime warranty, the waterproof 100% food-safe silicone cooking gloves are offered as a pair and retail for $21.99. Heat-resistant up to 425 degrees, the raised textured five-fingered grip on the gloves allow for added protection when BBQ grilling, handling pots and pans from the oven or stove, or preparing hot food such as large meats that need to be torn from the bone.

Newly Released Silicone Cooking and BBQ Gloves, Ekogrips, Draw Outstanding Reviews On Amazon

Ekogrips, the newest flagship silicone cooking and BBQ gloves from Jolly Green Products, are now flying off the shelves into, or perhaps onto, the hands of eager cooking and grilling enthusiasts around the nation.

Jolly Green Products owner, Zach Greenfield, says “The reviews really speak for Ekogrips. This really is a unique product for many people previously using ineffective oven mitts, you have all the same attributes of a good oven mitt, plus countless other ways to use the gloves, from grilling to canning to even changing a light bulb, the Ekogrips really step up to the plate for protection and range of use.”

One reviewer on Amazon shares, “These gloves are amazing. Immediately used them to take a lasagna out of the oven. Didn’t burn myself but did manage to get hot red sauce all over them. Not only did I not feel any heat but the sauce cleaned right off of them. If that would have happened to my old cloth gloves I would have been lucky to get them clean. I should have bought two pair. I Love These Gloves!!”

Speaking to it’s “one size fits all” claim, another reviewer posted “The gloves are exactly as advertised, and in today’s world that is a rare attribute. They appear large at first glance, but they fit my medium-sized female hand well. Even better, is they are going to fit the BF’s large hands while he is BBQ’ing our dinners.”

silicon grilling glovesWhen asked about what it was that draws customers to their silicone cooking gloves, Zach Greenfield shared, “In addition to the diverse range of use and strong protection, Ekogrips are manufactured using FDA approved food-safe silicone, not only do we want hand and wrist protection, we want the environmental safety of using eco-friendly products, it’s just one factor in providing quality products to our valued customers.”

About Jolly Green Products

Jolly Green Products provides innovative, and eco-friendly kitchen products all backed by a lifetime warranty and exceptional customer service. The company’s flagship product are the Silicone Grill Gloves.